The team

The team

That's us.

85+ years on the market
110+ employees in Europe
3,000+ articles in the product range

That's us.

85+ years on the market
110+ employees in Europe
3,000+ articles in the product range

Seize opportunities. Shaping the future.
Experience Testrut.

Our employees are our greatest asset. They embody innovation, dynamism, optimism and integrity. At the same time, we are a very human company, because the working atmosphere is family-like and characterised by mutual appreciation.

The working world at Testrut is exciting and diverse: Approximately 70 employees work in the Wesel region. Further branches are located in Triptis and Hennigsdorf as well as in Leonding, Austria.

We still have a lot to do - support us!



Where joint strength counts. What drives our employees? What do they particularly like about their job at Testrut? What motivates them in their daily work? Find out in our statements.  

Just between us: The employee statements will certainly help you to decide for yourself whether Testrut can be the right employer for you, where you feel comfortable and can get ahead in your job. Prospective trainees will find valuable tips here for their own start in professional life - it's worth reading in. 

Head of international operations 

Christopher Juan-Hofer


Think outside the box.

International trade has been in my blood from the start. Born in the UK to Austrian and Ibizan parents, I now live in my third culture after the UK and Spain. I have many years of experience as a sales manager covering the whole of Europe and have always enjoyed, and still enjoy, the challenge. Knowing the languages is one thing, but understanding the different cultural differences both socially and professionally is what makes this job so exciting and interesting. With our wide range of products and our experience and know-how, we are able to offer our clients tailor-made solutions for their specific market. With international native speakers, we can also offer our clients the assurance that nothing is lost in translation. "We speak your language"

Elena Anisimova

with Testrut since September 2015

Numerical genius with an international background

"I have been following my passion for numbers, data and facts in the area of controlling at Testrut for over 5 years - and have been developing continuously ever since. I am happy to work in an agile, international environment with nice colleagues.

Here I work most closely with the sales, purchasing and logistics colleagues, but also with the management. As my mother tongue is Russian, I also use it when communicating with our customers in the Eastern European market.

From the very beginning I felt very welcome and since then I have had to deal with very exciting and varied tasks that are a lot of fun - from planning to analysis in the SAP merchandise management system, BI and forecasts. In addition, I can further develop my skills here and gain a lot of practical experience."

Human Resources
Dagmar Janzen

with Testrut since November 2014

Personnel manager with openness to impulses

"I like working in a medium-sized company where personal contact with each individual employee counts. At Testrut, people know and appreciate each other - I like that.

Based on my many years of experience and comprehensive specialist knowledge, I have a varied range of tasks. Direct communication channels to the departments and short decision-making processes due to the proximity to the management are an advantage.

Reconciling family and career? Of course! The working hours are well adapted to family life. Even in my qualified part-time job, I always keep up to date with the latest knowledge through training - an important aspect in view of the new legal regulations every year. So I am always up-to-date in a future-oriented company with a heart."


Apprentice class of 2018
Jonas Schmidt

Apprentice Year 2018


I am Jonas and started my apprenticeship at Testrut in August 2018. In June 2021, I mastered my final exam and now I continue to support the purchasing department after my takeover.

Over the course of the last few years, I have passed through many departments and thus had the opportunity to get to know numerous areas - in order to decide which department of the company is the most suitable for me personally.

To gain international experience, I took part in a 3-week internship abroad in Dublin. Through this, I further improved my language skills and gained valuable intercultural competences. I can only recommend taking advantage of such offers to everyone!"

Apprentice class of 2019
Melanie Holthausen

Apprentice class 2019


I'm Melanie and I've been an apprentice at Testrut since August 2019. Why do I like it here so much? Already from the 2nd year of my apprenticeship, I have taken on my own areas of responsibility and I can work very independently.

Whether by e-mail or telephone - my job involves contact with customers from Germany as well as with customers and employees on an international level. Therefore, I have already built up a large network and gained a lot of experience that I will benefit from in my future career.

The relationship with my colleagues? Very good! I particularly like the friendly, helpful interaction within the departments and the company as a whole.

I am happy to have found an employer who uses and promotes me according to my abilities."

Apprentice class of 2018
Celine Döring

Apprentice Year 2018


I'm Celine Döring and I started on 01.08.2018 as a trainee for warehouse logistics specialist at the company Testrut.

My tasks include processing orders for the online shop, picking, incoming goods, outgoing goods and office work. So far, I've mainly done tasks for the online shop and order picking, which I really enjoy.

I get along very well with my work colleagues. Many employees are helpful and collegial.

I successfully completed my apprenticeship in July 2021 and am looking forward to being taken on at Testrut. “