From spacious terraces and generous lawns to small balconies - the Testrut garden furniture range has the right ideas ready for diverse customer wishes. Great importance is attached to a careful product selection in order to be able to offer you an absolutely contemporary variety of goods at an unbeatable price-performance ratio under the greemotion brand.

New in the convincing collection: pieces of furniture with a stainless steel frame. It's all in the mix! Our selected fittings skilfully combine the stylish elegance of the stainless steel frame with details made of other materials and elements in varied colours. Well thought-out assortment planning: the components of the individual series are each perfectly coordinated with one another and can therefore be excellently combined.

Selected material properties with persuasive power

Is it all a question of looks? Not at all, because the inner values are also important here! When selecting a product, the focus is therefore not only on a coherent design, the properties of the material itself also play a major role - also for the purchase decision of your customers.

What inspires us about stainless steel and will also convince your customers? The high corrosion and weather resistance as well as stability and durability. In addition, surfaces made of this material remain comparatively cool and pleasantly tempered even on hot summer days thanks to the light colouring and low thermal conductivity. Stainless steel also scores points for its ease of care: the use of a damp, soft cloth is often sufficient for cleaning. For more stubborn dirt, mild soapy water and a soft brush are helpful - absolutely promising for a relaxed leisure feeling in the (winter) garden of your customers.

Read correctly: Winter garden! Of course, the greemotion furnishings can also be set up indoors. Regardless of whether they are made of stainless steel or another modern material - the components of the versatile programme can also be optimally arranged and staged indoors. For different room situations, the collection includes furniture in various sizes and with diverse features. Why not place a seating group on the glazed terrace or in the dining room? A balcony set or hanging chair is also perfect indoors - e.g. in the holiday corner with palm trees and other exotic plants. Relax in an exclusive way.

A must: functionality

Practicality and suitability for everyday use are very important to us, because they are an integral part of the high-quality Testrut product selection and come with numerous advantages for your customers. That's why our furnishings are not only visually appealing or convincing with their material properties, but also include many beneficial functions that provide more comfort and individuality as well as more effective use of space.

Would you like to get an idea of our stainless steel collection, be inspired by the complete greemotion product range or get to know our selected new products? Then we recommend our garden furniture catalogue 2022, hot off the press. You can order it directly from your sales contact. Read it directly: As a business customer of our B2B online shop, you also have the option of viewing the overview online - click, log in, browse.

The Testrut team hopes you enjoy browsing!

By the way: Information on our other popular materials in the garden furniture sector can be found on our website under the menu item Brands & Products.

Christina Berndsen, Content Management