The new year is starting and you are still looking for an apprenticeship? Do you want to use the last days of the Christmas holidays or the first days of the year to apply for an apprenticeship starting in the summer? Then start now and make 2022 your year, because it's exactly the right time to put your good intentions into practice.

The application phase at Testrut has just begun and you may be a suitable candidate. That's why it's time to write an informative cover letter that clearly states your strengths and reasons for wanting to work at Testrut. Your direct contact in the Human Resources Department will be happy to receive your complete documents, including your CV, school certificates, internship certificates and work references.

You can find all the necessary contact details of our competent personnel officer as well as an overview of the apprenticeships offered in our company in the career section.

Lots of information about the company and training at Testrut

You want to get a picture of Testrut first? Of course you do! You'll find what you're looking for at Here you can find out a lot of interesting facts about the company, our brands & products and our services. You will also find the latest news. Shh! Insider tip: For a job interview and a later start at Testrut, these pages can be absolutely helpful for you!

First-hand experience reports: Our trainees from the class of 2020 have compiled some interesting answers at, which will give you a first insight into their everyday working life and their motivation for working at our company. That's not enough for you? Then take a look at our newsroom. Here, a former trainee from 2017 - now an employee in the accounts receivable department - answered several questions. You can find the complete interview here.

Current and former trainees also have their say in our team section. In this way, you can get an overview of Testrut (DE) GmbH and the work here in many different ways.

Do you still have questions? Ms Dagmar Janzen from the HR department will be happy to help you in word and deed. Her telephone number and e-mail address are listed under the menu item Careers.

Good luck with your application and a successful year 2022!

Christina Berndsen, Content Management